Digital catalogue

The digital catalogue of the fungus collections contains more than 55,000 records (31. December 2021). The data have already been available from Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) since  2013. In addition, we have created a separate portal for the digital catalogue, which enables users to retrieve more detailed information, i. e. on host range and substrates.

Please read before using the digital catalogue:

1. Scientific names of the rust fungi sensu lato (Pucciniomycetes) follow Klenke & Scholler (Pflanzenparasitische Kleinpilze, Springer, 2015), names of other groups correspond with "current names" listed in Index Fungorum and MycoBank and the names of plants (substrates, hosts) follow the Catalogue of Life.  Because it is still not possible to automatically transfer names from Index Fungorum and MycoBank specimens of one and the same species may have been deposited under two or even three different scientific names. Therefore, common synonyms should be searched for as well.

2. So far, lichenised ascomycetes (lichens) are only represented in the database for the Black Forest National Park (Wilder See area) and the town of Karlsruhe. These areas are subject of fungal monitoring projects including lichenized species.

3. Most older collections are not georeferenced and therefore lack coordinates. Consequently, only georeferenced specimens are shown on the maps. Georeferencing data is a main focus of our future collection efforts.

4. Data are freely available for non-commercial use. When using them for a publication we request citation of the databank as follows:

Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe: Digital catalogue of the fungus collections (KR), SMNK. Retrieved [date], from

For special Information (e.g. for sequence analyses) and for commercial use of data please contact the curator

5. For photograph license conditions see CC BY 4.0 (