The collection of lichens was curated for many years by H. Schindler on a volunteer basis. He assembled about 14.000 vouchers that he left in perfect order. He collected many specimens abroad, but he was also very active in Southwest Germany. The last German record of Usnea fragilescens  was collected by Bibinger and Schindler.

Since 2002, Prof. Volkmar Wirth, lichen expert and former director (2001-2008) has expanded the collection with further specimens, especially from his journeys to South Africa. He contributed many important records as well as type specimens.

The importance of our lichen collection was especially enhanced by the indefinite loan from the herbarium of Bausch (Heidelberg). Currently the Lichen collection of KR holds about 60.000 specimens.

Curator in charge

Bussmann, Rainer W., Prof. (Ilia State University, Tbilisi, Georgia) Dr. rer. nat. Head Department of Botany / Curator +49(0)721 175 2848rainer.bussmann[at]