The number of moss specimens in the Karlsruhe collection rose sharply, especially after World War II. The focus of the collections is primarily in the old state of Baden. Important collectors are C.C. Gmelin, A. Braun, K. Müller (liverworts), v. Stengel, G. Philippi, R. Dull. On various collecting trips, however, collections were also made in other countries.

In the last few decades, the moss collection by G. Philippi in particular has been greatly expanded (approx. 60,000 capsules). Peat mosses form a special focus (A.HOELZER), which fits very well with the paleoecological research in bogs (more than 15,000 capsules. Peat mosses have been collected specifically for a long time, which was then published in 2005 in the third volume of the "Moose Baden -Württembergs" and in 2010 in the "peat mosses of south-west Germany and the neighboring areas"). The Mos collection at the KR currently contains around 110,000 specimens.

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