Our moss collection has experienced marked growth since WWII. Its focus is mainly on the former state of Baden. Important collectors are C.C. Gmelin, A. Braun, K. Müller (liverworts), v. Stengel, G. Philippi, R. Düll. Some vouchers also come from other countries.

In recent decades the moss collection was greatly expanded by G. Philippi, and it now comprises ca. 60.000 vouchers. A special focus is on Sphagnum mosses (A. Hölzer / >15.000 capsules), which complements the paleoecological research on peat swamps. The long history of moss collection at the SMNK has resulted in important publications, i.e. the volume "Moose Baden-Württembergs" (2005) and the book "Torfmoose Südwestdeutschlands und der Nachbargebiete" (2010). Currently the Bryophyte collection at KR holds about 110000 specimens.


Curator in charge

Bussmann, Rainer, Prof. Dr. Head Department of Botany / Curator +49(0)721 175 2848 /