We offer the following programmes for kindergarten classes:

Target group
Five- and six-year-olds


An ocean expedition
There is plenty to discover in the ocean! But most kinds of sea life are out of sight, below the surface of the water. We will put on our fins and goggles and go on a journey of discovery to encounter exciting ocean creatures and see how they live. We will get to see the animals up close, because in the museum, the ocean is right at hand!

How do bats see at night ? How do they find their way about? How can they sleep whilst hanging upside down without falling? The children are given a playful way to learn about the habits of these endangered nocturnal animals.

Eek, a spider!
Olga the spider is sad: no matter where she goes, everyone says, "Eek!" So she spends most of her time in dark corners. But she comes out of her hiding place when the children are around. Together they will see that spiders aren't disgusting: they are exciting and useful creatures.

Frieda the beetle
Frieda the dung beetle is having a big party. Anyone who wants to see how beetles live can come and celebrate! Frieda will share the secrets of a beetle's life with the children — the insect's body shape, habits and development all the way from the larval stage to a full-grown creature. Frieda will even help the children into their costumes. Then it's time to party!

Mining with the dwarves
Glittering crystals are hidden deep in the mountain, and only the dwarves know where to find these treasures. We will secretly follow them on an exciting journey through the mountain.

Nights in the forest
Waldemar the brown own lives in the woods. He doesn't really wake up until night time, when he starts looking for food. What other animals come out at night? Which noises can you hear? Waldemar joins the children in getting to know the animals of the forest and recognizing their voices.

Wild life in the city
Paul, a genuine big-city sparrow, lives in the window bay of a house right in the heart of the city. It's a great place to live, he thinks, and many other wild animals feel the same. Did you know there were so many wild animals in the city? Come join Paul on a little trip to explore the neighbourhood. The city is full of wild life!

Material costs including museum admission:
€30 per kindergarten group of up to 12 children as well as 3 accompanying adults

45 minutes

Registration and information:
+49 721 175-2152

Mon and Wed 3pm - 5 pm
Tue and Thu 10am - 12pm

Please register no later than two to three weeks before the date.