Derzeit keine Führungen für Schulklassen

Wegen der Maßnahmen zur Eindämmung der Corona-Pandemie können wir bis auf weiteres leider keine Angeobte für Schulen (Führungen, Schulprojekte, Rallyes) anbieten.
Sobald sich Änderungen ergeben, werden wir Sie darüber an dieser Stelle informieren.
Hier können Sie sich über jederzeit über die Themenauswahl informieren.

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School groups can take part in tours on specific topics from the world of bio- and geosciences featured in our permanent and special exhibitions. The content of the tour can be adapted to meet your needs; we are also happy to respond to requests for customised themes.
 Our tours focus on the museum exhibitions, which we explore jointly with the pupils. The children are encouraged to participate actively. In addition to communicating the fundamentals, we also want to convey other scientific insights wherever possible. We use the pupils' age and previous knowledge as the point of departure. The topics of our tours are also well coordinated with the content of the school curriculum.

Price (for up to 15 pupils):
1-hour tour: € 45 (plus € 1 admission per child for the visit of the permanent exhibition, plus 2 € for the visit of the permanent exhibition and temporary exhibitions)

Groups of 16 or more pupils will be divided into two groups.

For further information, queries and booking, please contact
+49 721 175-2152
Mon and Wed 3pm - 5pm
Tue and Thu 10am - 12pm

Please register no later than two to three weeks before the tour.