Climates and habitats

Our permanent exhibition "Climate and habitats" will take you on a journey to the planet's different climate zones. We explain the context between climates and the living creatures and biotopes within them. The exhibition also offers something remarkable: not only does it convey fascinating information, it also displays living animals.

The exhibition is divided into several areas. The main focus of the room is a huge globe with monitors and audio stations where the development of climate zones is explained. Vividly illustrated text panels depict contexts that span across the planet. The central globe features four regions ― the tropics, oceans, dry zones and middle latitudes ― where climates, habitats and living creatures are displayed. True-to-life habitats in aquariums and terrariums give you an impression of animal life in the humid tropics, the subtropic dry zones, the colourful diversity of tropical coral reefs and the countless kinds of fish in cold waters.