Geology on the Upper Rhine

Granite, gneiss, sandstone and much more – the Upper Rhine is truly rich in geological treasures. The permanent exhibition brings life to a history that has turned to stone.

The five topics in the exhibition vividly depict geology via impressive large-scale models, interactive elements and educational information signs. A huge model of the edge of a glacier demonstrates how water, wind and ice constantly change the landscape. Visitors can experiment with a model of water currents to see how these elements work together. Following the "path of stones" you can see how hard gravel in the glacial zone of the Rhine is ground into fine sand and then transported. A walk-through volcano lets you experience the processes which take place inside the earth, and a video animation allows you to send the continents wandering over the course of millions of years.

The topics

  • In the beginning was the meteorite – the development of the earth
  • Under our feet – dynamic movement in the earth
  • In constant motion – dynamic movement on the earth
  • All around us — applied geology
  • Focussing on stones — geological research