The multi-facetted world of insects

Insects, their activities and the things they produce are part of our daily lives — when we are enjoying honey and cherry jam with our breakfast or the whisper of silk against our skin; when mosquitos bring our evening barbeque to an abrupt end.

The permanent exhibition places a spotlight on the many-facetted world of insects. Organised in five thematic groups, it brings to life the fascinating richness of shapes, colours and ways of living of the animal kingdom's most diverse branch, and it highlights its importance to human beings.

Larger than life and accurate to the smallest detail, models of a kitten moth larvae and a maybug illustrate the anatomy and intricacies of insects. In the exhibition visitors can listen to insects communicating with each other and marvel at minute creatures under a microscope. You can also enjoy a closer look at living insects — stick insects, hissing cockroaches, flower chafers and even a colony of leafcutter ants awaiting your visit.