M.Sc. Claudia Wesseloh, Biologin

M.Sc. Claudia Wesseloh, Biologin
M.Sc. Claudia Wesseloh, Biologin

Scientific trainee

Phone: +49 721 175-2819
E-Mail: claudia.wesseloh@smnk.de

Graduated in May 2011 from the University of Hamburg, Germany, with a Master of Science degree in Biology. The Master thesis: “Sperm competition in the wandering spider Phoneutria boliviensis (Ctenidae)” was conducted in the department of Behavioural Biology, advisor was Prof. Dr. Jutta M. Schneider. Related to the Master thesis was a research stay at "Reserva Biológica Tirimbina" in Heredia, Costa Rica from June to October 2010.


Research interests

  • General interests in (tropical) faunas, especially Araneae
  • Particular interests lay in behavioural biology, functional morphology and evolution, as well as biodiversity, ecology, taxonomy and systematics of ctenid spiders (wandering spiders), with a major concern to the genus Phoneutria
  • Major research interests concern the sexual selection and evolution of genital morphologies in ctenid spiders, again especially in the genus Phoneutria

Tasks at SMNK

  • Curatory work in the scientific collection of (tropical) spiders
  • Collection data management in the database “Diversity Workbench”
  • Maintenance and expansion of the zoological literature database
  • Ministration of the zoological webpages of SMNK
  • Co-author of the project-homepage "Wandering Spiders of the Amazon"
  • Processing of collection material (spiders) of Paraná, Brazil
  • Preparation of research projects concerning Ancylometes and Phoneutria

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