Adopt an object in the State Museum of Natural History!

The scientific collections started by Margravine Caroline Louise of Baden were open to the public as early as 1785. A great deal has changed since then — the Margravine's collection has grown to become one of the largest scientific institutions of its kind in Germany. A popular attraction for visitors, the museum is also a research institute.

In addition to the objects on display, the State Museum of Natural History owns scientific collections of international significance. You can help to ensure that future generations can profit from these treasures as well.

By adopting an object, you support the important work done by the State Museum of Natural History and make a direct contribution to preserving the collections.

Living Museum

The State Museum of Natural History Karlsruhe is has even more to offer. With its aquariums and terrariums, our Vivarium is one of the main attractions for our visitors. With a donation of €60.00 or more, you can adopt one of the animals living in the museum – including seahorses, pythons and octopuses.

The museum benefits – and so do you

Adoptions run for one year and can be renewed if you wish. Participants in our adoption programme are invited to attend exclusive events in the museum, such as special tours conducted by the director or members of the scientific team.

Adopt an object today

Whether you would like to make a small or large donation, the choice is yours. We will work with you to find the object that is right for you.

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