Dr. Nicola Heckeberg, M.Sc.

wissenschaftliche Volontärin

Phone: +49 721 175-2812

Research Interests:

Mammalian evolution

Systematics, evolutionary history and functional morphology of ruminants, particularly cervids (deer)

Phylogenetic comparative methods, ancestral character state reconstructions, geometric morphometrics


Duties at the SMNK:

Writing mammal species profiles for the forthcoming exhibition on neobiota

Morphometric analyses of tiger skulls in the collection of the SMNK

Inventory of small mammals

Dissection of owl pellets

Contribution to the scientific collection management


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Selected Publications

Heckeberg, N. S., Zachos, F. E., Kierdorf, U. (2022):
Antler tine homologies and cervid systematics: A review of past and present controversies with special emphasis on Elaphurus davidianus. Anatomical Record 2022: 1-24  
Heckeberg N. S., Anderson P. S. L. & Rayfield E. J. (2021):
Testing the influence of crushing surface variation on seed-cracking performance among beak morphs of the African seedcracker Pyrenestes ostrinus. Journal of Experimental Biology 224, jeb230607: 1-8  
Heckeberg, N. S. (2020):
The systematics of the Cervidae: a total evidence approach. PeerJ 8:e8114.
Heckeberg, N. S. (2017):
Origination of antlerogenesis. Journal of Morphology 278: 182-202
Heckeberg N.S., Erpenbeck D., Wörheide G., Rössner G.E. (2016):
Systematic relationships of five newly sequenced cervid species. PeerJ 4:e2307