M.Sc. Dustin Kulanek

Entomologischer Präparator

Phone: +49 721 175 2844
E-Mail: dustin.kulanek@smnk.de

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Selected Publications

Wendt M., Kulanek D., Varga Z., Rákosy L., Schmitt T. (2022):
Pronounced mito-nuclear discordance and various Wolbachia infections in the water ringlet Erebia pronoe have resulted in a complex phylogeographic structure. Scientific Reports 12(1): 5175
Kulanek D., Blank S. M., Kramp K. (2019):
First microsatellite markers for the pine catkin sawfly Xyela concava (Hymenoptera, Xyelidae) and their application in phylogeography and population genetics. PeerJ 7: e8010