Dr. Alexander Riedel, Dipl.-Biol.


Phone: +49 721 175-2836

in charge of beetles and other insects (besides Lepidoptera and Hymenoptera)

Research Interests

  • systematics and taxonomy of weevils (Curculionoidea), especially of Attelabidae and Cryptorhynchinae
  • biogeography of the Indo-Australian Archipelago
  • evolution of hyperdiverse groups of beetles
  • functional morphology of beetles


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Selected Publications

Letsch H., Vukotić S., Gottsberger B., Friedman A.L.L., Wanat M., Beran F., Fiedler K., Riedel A. (2024):
The phylogeny of ceutorhynchine weevils (Ceutorhynchinae, Curculionidae): Mitogenome data improve the resolution of tribal relationships. Systematic Entomology : 1-11
Letsch H., Balke M., Kusy D., McKenna D.D., Narakusumo R.D., Sagata K., Toussaint E.F.A., White L.T., Riedel A. (2023):
Beetle evolution illuminates the geological history of the world’s most diverse tropical archipelago. Ecography e06898: 1-13
Riedel A (2022):
Nine new species of Trigonopterus Fauvel (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) from Sundaland. ZooKeys 1124: 109-130
Narakusumo R.P., Riedel A. (2021):
Twenty-eight new species of Trigonopterus Fauvel (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) from Central Sulawesi. ZooKeys 1065: 29-79
Letsch H., Balke M., Toussaint E.F.A., Narakusumo R.P., Fiedler K., Riedel A. (2020):
Transgressing Wallace´s Line brings hyperdiverse weevils down to earth. Ecography 43: 1329-1340
Letsch H., Balke M., Toussaint E.F.A., Riedel A. (2020):
Historical biogeography of the hyperdiverse hidden snout weevils (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Cryptorhynchinae). Systematic Entomology 45: 312-326
Narakusumo R.P., Riedel A., Pons J. (2020):
Mitochondrial genomes of twelve species of hyperdiverse Trigonopterus weevils. PeerJ 8: e10017
Narakusumo R.P., Balke M., Riedel A. (2019):
Seven new species of Trigonopterus Fauvel (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) from the Tanimbar Archipelago. ZooKeys 888: 75-93
Riedel A., Narakusumo R.P. (2019):
One hundred and three new species of Trigonopterus weevils from Sulawesi. ZooKeys 828: 1-153
Höfer H., Manegold A., Riedel A., Trusch R., Verhaagh M. (2018):
The zoological collections of the State Museum of Natural History Karlsruhe. Zoological Collections of Germany The Animal Kingdom in its Amazing Plenty at Museums and Universities (Ed. Beck L.A. ) , Heidelberg, Springer: 683-706
Riedel A. (2017):
The weevil genera Nyphaeba Pascoe and Pantiala Pascoe and the problems of an unstable nomenclature in orphaned taxa. Zootaxa 4244: 377-389
Riedel A., Kilmaskossu A. (2017):
Revision of the subgenus Niphetoscapha Heller of Gymnopholus Heller (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea, Entiminae, Eupholini) and a new species with epizoic symbiosis from West New Guinea. Zootaxa 4254: 339-356
Riedel A., Porion T. (2017):
A new species of Eupholus Boisduval from West New Guinea (Coleoptera: Curculionidae). Zootaxa 4263: 194-200
Toussaint E.F.A., Tänzler R., Balke M., Riedel A. (2017):
Transoceanic origin of microendemic and flightless New Caledonian weevils. Royal Society Open Science 4: 1-11
Van Dam M.H., Lam A.W., Sagata K., Gewa B., Laufa R., Balke M., Faircloth B.C., Riedel A. (2017):
Ultraconserved elements (UCEs) resolve the phylogeny of Australasian smurf-weevils. PLoS ONE 12(11): e0188044
Riedel A., Tänzler R. (2016):
Revision of the Australian species of the weevil genus Trigonopterus Fauvel. ZooKeys 556: 97-162
Riedel A., Tänzler R., Pons J., Suhardjono Y.R. Balke M. (2016):
Large-scale molecular phylogeny of Cryptorhynchinae (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) from multiple genes suggests American origin and later Australian radiation. Systematic Entomology 41: 492-503
Tänzler R., van Dam M.H., Toussaint E.F.A., Suhardjono Y.R., Balke M., Riedel A. (2016):
Macroevolution of hyperdiverse flightless beetles reflects the complex geological history of the Sunda Arc. Scientific Reports 6:18793: 1-12
Van Dam M., Laufa R., Riedel A. (2016):
Four new species of Trigonopterus Fauvel from the island of New Britain (Coleoptera, Curculionidae). ZooKeys 582: 129-141
van de Kamp T., Riedel A., Greven H. (2016):
Micromorphology of the elytral cuticle of beetles, with an emphasis on weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea). Arthropod structure & Development 45: 12-22
Toussaint E.F.A., Tänzler R., Rahmadi C., Balke M., Riedel A. (2015):
Biogeography of Australasian flightless weevils (Curculionidae, Celeuthetini) suggests permeability of Lydekker’s and Wallace’s Lines. Zoologica Scripta 44: 632-644
van de Kamp T., Cecilia A., dos Santos Rolo T., Vagovič P., Baumbach T., Riedel A. (2015):
Comparative thorax morphology of death-feigning flightless cryptorhynchine weevils (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) based on 3D reconstructions. Arthropod structure & Development 44: 509-523
Riedel A. (2014):
3.4 Attelabidae Billberg, 1820. In: Leschen R.A.B. & Beutel, R.G. (Eds) Handbook of Zoology, Coleoptera, Beetles Volume 3: Morphology and Systematics (Phytophaga) , Berlin, DeGruyter: 328-355
Riedel A., Tänzler R., Balke M., Rahmadi C., Suhardjono Y.R. (2014):
Ninety-eight new species of Trigonopterus weevils from Sundaland and the Lesser Sunda Islands. ZooKeys 467: 1-162
Tänzler R., Toussaint E.F.A., Suhardjono Y.R., Balke M., Riedel A. (2014):
Multiple transgressions of Wallace´s Line explain diversity of flightless Trigonopterus weevils on Bali. Proceedings of the Royal Society B 281
van de Kamp T., dos Santos Rolo T., Vagovič P., Baumbach T., Riedel A. (2014):
Three-dimensional reconstructions come to life – interactive 3D PDF animations in functional morphology. PLOS ONE 9: e102355
Balke M., Schmidt S., Hausmann A., Toussaint E., Bergsten J., Buffington M., Häuser C.L., Kroupa A., Hagedorn G., Riedel A., et al. (2013):
Biodiversity into your hands - A call for a virtual global natural history 'metacollection'. Frontiers in Zoology 10:55
Riedel A., Sagata K., Suhardjono Y.R., Tänzler R., Balke M (2013):
Integrative taxonomy on the fast track - towards more sustainability in biodiversity research. Frontiers in Zoology 10:15
Riedel A., Sagata K., Surbakti S., Tänzler R., Balke M. (2013):
One hundred and one new species of Trigonopterus weevils from New Guinea. ZooKeys 280: 1-150
Eberle J., Tänzler R., Riedel A. (2012):
Revision and phylogenetic analysis of the Papuan weevil genus Thyestetha Pascoe (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Cryptorhynchinae). Zootaxa 3355: 1-28
Riedel A., dos Santos Rolo T., Cecilia A., van de Kamp T. (2012):
Sayrevilleinae Legalov, a newly recognised subfamily of fossil weevils (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea, Attelabidae) and the use of synchrotron microtomography to examine inclusions in amber. Zoological Journal of the Linnean Society 165: 773-794
Tänzler R., Sagata K., Surbakti S., Balke M., Riedel.A. (2012):
DNA barcoding for community ecology - how to tackle a hyperdiverse, mostly undescribed Melanesian fauna. PLoS ONE 7: e28832
Cecilia A., Rack A., Douissard P., Martin T., dos Santos Rolo T., Vagovic P., Hamann E., van de Kamp T., Riedel A., Fiederle M., Baumbach T. (2011):
LPE grown LSO: Tb scintillator films for high-resolution X-ray imaging applications at synchrotron light sources. Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research A 648: 321-323
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Basiliogeus dacrycarpi Kuschel & Riedel, sp. nov.. In: Kuschel, G. & Leschen, R. A. B. Phylogeny and taxonomy of the Rhinorhynchinae (Coleoptera: Nemonychidae), Invertebrate Systematics 24: 589-590
Riedel A. (2011):
Die Heimat der Paradiesvögel. Natur- und Kulturgeschichte der Paradiesvögel, Museum Mensch und Natur München : 29-40
Riedel A. (2011):
The weevil genus Trigonopterus Fauvel (Coleoptera, Curculionidae) and its synonyms – a taxonomic study on the species tied to its genus-group names. Zootaxa 2977: 1-49
van de Kamp T., Vagovic P., Baumbach T., Riedel A. (2011):
A biological screw in a beetle´s leg. Science 333: 55
Riedel A. (2010):
A new tribe, genus and species of Nemonychidae from Baltic amber (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea: Nemonychidae: Cimberidinae). Insect Systematics & Evolution 41: 29-38
Riedel A. (2010):
One of a thousand - a new species of Trigonopterus (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Crytorhynchinae) from New Guinea. Zootaxa 2403: 59-68
Riedel A. (2010):
Two new species of Eupholus Boisduval (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Entiminae), with observations on coloured cuticular exudates in weevils. Zootaxa 2338: 23-34
Riedel A., Daawia D., Balke M. (2010):
Deep cox1 divergence and hyperdiversity of Trigonopterus weevils in a New Guinea mountain range (Coleoptera, Curculionidae). Zoologica Scripta 39: 63-74
Riedel A. (2009):
A taxonomic study of the Indian species of Euops Schoenherr (Coleoptera: Curculionoidea: Attelabidae). Zootaxa 2125: 1-56
Riedel A. (2009):
Revision of the genus Penthoscapha Heller (Coleoptera, Curculionoidea, Entiminae, Eupholini) with notes on the genera of Eupholini from New Guinea. Zootaxa 2224: 1-29
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Xylobionte Käfer von Eichen im Stadtgebiet Karlsruhe. Carolinea 65: 183-188
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