Ethnobotany and Ethnozoology in the Himalayas and Central Asia - India, Nepal, Pakistan and Uzbekistan

The wider Himalayan region and Middle Asia harbor much of the world's biological and cultural diversity. This diversity is not only structured by the steep north-south gradient, but also by an east-west gradient in precipitation. Thousands of plants and animals are used together as medicine, food, fodder, religious purposes, etc. Particularly in mountainous communities, these crops are vital, in some areas they are collected by virtually all households and provide half of the household income


The dialectic relationship between indigenous knowledge and practices shapes the ecosystem and affects plant populations. Indigenous knowledge and uses need to be analyzed explicitly so that appropriate management measures can be developed that build on both scientific and local knowledge to manage both indigenous knowledge and plant populations. However, due to changing perceptions of local people, commercialization, and socio-economic change around the world, it has been widely observed that indigenous knowledge of the use of plant resources has declined. Due to the lack of organized and scientific cultivation, proper management and awareness of social factors, the number of useful plant resources is declining at an alarming rate. In addition, indigenous knowledge of the use of lesser-known plants is also rapidly declining. The present study therefore assesses plant and animal diversity and examines the relationship between plant diversity and indigenous use of plant resources along the altitudinal and longitudinal gradient.


The Himalayan Ethnobotany program is based on the premise that working with local people is the most effective way to sustainably conserve species-rich areas. By integrating ethnobotanical data into conservation plans, we work with communities to develop a program that not only protects and replenishes the ecosystem, but is also consistent with their daily lives and cultural practices.


Capacity building: We have teamed up with local colleagues to train PhD students in the methods of ethnobotany and provide valuable field experience. In addition, we support local universities in developing ethnobotanical research and courses.


Conservation: Our goal is to develop strategies with the local population on how to use their natural resources sustainably so that they can become wise stewards of their environment. We work with these communities to develop conservation plans that are both ecologically beneficial and culturally appropriate. We also firmly believe that preserving traditional knowledge is a key component of both conservation and sustainability.


Quality of Life: Improving the quality of life is a fundamental part of our work in every community. Our program is based on the belief that environmental activities must be closely linked to development activities in order to permanently solve poverty in biodiverse but economically poor countries. We also believe that an educated, healthy community leads to better decision-making.


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