Ecology and floristics

An emphasis of floristic studies is the mapping of plant parasitic microfungi in Baden-Württemberg. So far, only macrofungi (Agaricales) have been documented (Projects).

In addition, epidemiological studies and studies of historical mycoflora changes are carried out, particularly in urban habitats. Spreading of so-called neomycetes (exotic introduced and established species) are documented in detail and the ecological impact on habitats and host organisms is of particular interest (Projects). We assume that many southern species have come from the Rhone valley and the Burgundian Gate finally entering Germany in the Upper Rhine plain.

So did, e.g., Erysiphe platani (the powdery mildew of plane), a neomycete species with North American origin. It was recorded for the first time in Germany in 2006 near Freiburg. A detailed monitoring from 2009 to 2011 shows that the fungus continually spread north- and northeastward with a speed of roughly 190 km/year. (Projects)  

Spread of Erysiphe platani in Germany