The Entomology section

The following tasks are part of the work performed by the Entomology section of our museum:

  • Entomology research in various projects, mainly in the fields of taxonomy, evolutionary biology, faunistics and ecology.

  • Curating the Museum's insect collection; expanding it by including the specimens collected during our researchers' field work and by integrating new acquisitions (e.g. collections obtained through donations or purchases).

  • Identifying species; cataloguing of the collections (in lists and databases).

  • Communicating research findings and information on the collections via print media or electronic publications (journals, books, CDs, Internet) or presentations. This information is addressed to scientists, public authorities and the general public.

  • Designing and preparing exhibitions on insects, including the presentation of living specimens; supporting the Museum's public-relations work by creating specimens, photos and documents.

  • Providing assistance to other institutions and agencies, especially in matters of environmental protection, quarantine, customs and police affairs (e.g. identification of insect species). Taking part in collaborative projects with universities, serving as advisors in post-graduate research, coordinating volunteers.

  • Providing an identification service for insects found in homes and gardens.