Phantom spiders

Attus mannii, eine vergessener Name für die Springspinnenart Heliophanus melinus

Attus mannii Doleschall, 1852 ein vergessener Name für die Springspinnenart Heliophanus melinus

Die Springspinnenart Sandalodes superbus (Karsch, 1878) wurde als Philaeus superciliosus von Bertkau 1883 noch mal beschrieben

A surprisingly large number of European spider species have never been reliably rediscovered since their first description many decades ago. Most of these are probably synonymous with other species or unidentifiable, due to insufficient descriptions or missing type material. In this second part of a series of publications in Arachnological Letters on this topic, we discuss about 100 of these cases, focusing mainly on species described in the early 20th century by Pelegrín Franganillo Balboa and Gabor von Kolosváry, as well as a number of jumping spiders and various miscellaneous species. In most cases, the species turned out to be unidentifiable nomina dubia, but for some of them new synonymies could be established.