Large wandering spiders in Amazonian forests

Ancylometes hewitsoni with a frog

Thierry Gasnier during nocturnal excursion

Ancylometes are not dangerous at all

Since 1992 Thierry Gasnier, Hubert Höfer and Antonio Brescovit (and others) study biology and ecology of the large wandering spiders living on the ground of Amazonian forests. Starting point of their interest in factors and traits allowing coexistence of several abundant Ctenid species in the same habitat were observations of spatial and temporal patterns of abundances during nocturnal excursions in the famous Reserva Ducke near Manaus. But first the taxonomy of the species had to be resolved and several species were (re-)described (Höfer et al. 1994, Brescovit & Von Eickstedt 1995, Brescovit 1996), Höfer & Brescovit 2000, Brescovit & Simó 2007, Polotow & Brescovit 2012).  On this basis Thierry Gasnier analysed numerous nocturnal samples along transects (Gasnier 1996). The results of several subsequent studies (Vieira & Höfer 1994, 1998, Gasnier & Höfer 2001, Salvestrini & Gasnier 2001, Gasnier et al. 2002, Rego et al. 2007, Mestre & Gasnier 2008) contributed to a model on the coexistence of the species (Gasnier et al. 2009), on which work continues (Torres-Sanchez & Gasnier 2010, Portela et al. 2013). More on these fascinating wandering spiders of the family Ctenidae can be found on "Wandering Spiders of the Amazon".

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