Research Projects Zoology


Ein Projekt der Forschungsabteilungen und der Vermittlung am Staatlichen Museum für Naturkunde Karlsruhe[more]

Semantic enrichment and mobilization of data in distributed repositories for taxonomy and ecology

Solving a Gordian knot in the taxonomy of neotropical jumping spiders and trait-based ecological habitat assessment with spider assemblages[more]

Ctenidae of French Guiana

French Guiana holds an impressive species richness or biodiversity, of which large parts are still unknown, especially when looking at the invertebrate arthropods. To list the insects of French Guiana is an aim of a current...[more]

Psechrus torvus im Netz hängend

Taxonomie und Phylogenie der asiatischen Schlankkräuselspinnen

Die in Südostasien verbreiteten Spinnen aus der Familie der Psechridae (Schlankkräuselspinnen) waren bis 2009 taxonomisch nur mangelhaft bearbeitet und daher schwierig zu charakterisieren und zu identifizieren. Im Rahmen eines...[more]

EDAPHOBASE - a soil organism data warehouse

In the second project phase the non-commercial database Edaphobase will be integrated in the Global Biodiversity Information Facility (GBIF) network with a node for soil organisms at the Senckenberg Museum in Görlitz. Data on...[more]

Barcoding of German spiders

In the GBOL Project (GBOL - German Barcode of Life) a consortium of several collection holding and biodiversity research institutes has started to characterize the species of animals, fungi and plants occurring in Germany...[more]

BiNHum - Biodiversity Network of the Humboldt-Ring

Access and format of existing digital object data, alignment of established database systems and development of a joint data portal.[more]

Amazon Spiders and Butterflies

An International Museum Fellowship of the German Federal Cultural Foundation allows us to reactivate an earlier cooperation between our museum and the Brazilian National Research Institution for Amazonia (INPA) in Manaus.[more]

Screenshot of IMDAS-Pro

Digitizing the zoological collections

The fast development of information technology, database systems and the use of the Internet strongly facilitate the digitization and mobilisation of biological data, e.g. on the voucher specimens of museum collections and...[more]

Large wandering spiders in Amazonian forests

Since 1992 Thierry Gasnier, Hubert Höfer and Antonio Brescovit (and others) study biology and ecology of the large wandering spiders living on the ground of Amazonian forests. Starting point of their interest in factors and...[more]

Completed Projects

Evaluation of soil biodiversity in Germany

In this project, funded by the German Federal Environment Agency (UBA) we compiled and analysed data on the soil status of permanent sites with regard to the implementation and advancement of the national strategy on biological...[more]

EDAPHOBASE - a soil organism data warehouse

In this project, funded by the German Federal Ministry for Education and Research (BMBF) we developed a non-commercial database on soil organisms (up to now including data on Chilopoda, Collembola, Diplopoda, Enchytraeidae,...[more]


Soil biota and biogeochemistry in southern Atlantic rainforests of Brazil. Assessment of the ecosystem quality of secondary forests and their potential for biodiversity conservation[more]

Nutzungsumstellung auf der Alpe Einödsberg

Die Auswirkungen langjähriger Überweidung sowie der aktuellen extensiven Beweidung auf Boden-Arthropoden in subalpinen Borstgrasrasen in den Allgäuer Alpen wurden von 2003 bis 2008 untersucht. Das Projekt wurde vom Bayerischen...[more]

Schatzkammer Tropen - Vergänglicher Reichtum

Vom 21.10.2004 bis 7.8.2005 wurden in dieser Ausstellung in drei Sälen verschiedenste Aspekte der Tropen auf dem Hintergrund eigener Forschungsarbeiten am Karlsruher Naturkundemuseum gezeigt:[more]