Dr. Pim de Klerk, Dipl.-Geogr.

Honorary associate

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Selected Publications

Barthelmes A., De Klerk P., Prager A., Theuerkauf M., Unterseher M., Joosten H. (2012):
Expanding NPP analysis to eutrophic and forested sites: significance of NPPs in a Holocene wood peat section (NE Germany). Review of Palaeobotany and Palynology. 186: 22-37
Lane C.S., De Klerk P., Cullen V.L. (2012):
A tephrochronology for the Lateglacial palynological record of the Endiger Bruch (Vorpommern, NE Germany). Journal of Quaternary Science. 27: 141-149
Nielsen A.B., Giesecke T., Therkauf M., Feeser I., Behre K.-E., Beug H.-J., Chen S.-W., Christiansen J., Dörfler W., Endtmann E., Jahns S., De Klerk P., Kühl N., Latalowa M., Odgaard B.V., Rasmussen P., Stockholm J.R., Voight R., Wiethold J., Wolters S. (2012):
Quantitative reconstructions of changes in regional openness in north-central Europe reveal new insights into old questions. Quaternary Science Reviews. 47: 131-149
Van Asch N., Kloos M.E., Heiri O., De Klerk P., Hoek W.Z. (2012):
The Younger Dryas cooling in northeast Germany: summer temperature and environmental changes in the Friedländer Große Wiese region. Journal of Quaternary Science. 27: 531-543
De Klerk P., Donner N., Karpov N.S., Minke M., Joosten H. (2011):
Short-term dynamics of a low-centred ice wedge polygon near Chokurdakh (NE Yakutia, NE Siberia) and climate change during the last ca. 1250 years. Quaternary Science Reviews. 30: 3013-3031
De Klerk P., Hölzer A. (2010):
Hochauflösende Pollendiagramme vom Tourbière Chaume Thiriet (Südvogesen, NO Frankreich) zeigen kleinräumige Muster im Pollenniederschlag während der letzten 2000 Jahre. Coll Tourbières, Ann Sci Rés Bios Trans Vosges du Nord-Pfälzerwald. 15
De Klerk P., Donner N., Joosten H., Karpov NS., Minke M., Seifert N., Theuerkauf M. (2009):
Vegetation patterns, recent pollen deposition and distribution of non-pollen palynomoprhs in a polygon mire near Chokurdakh (NE Yakutia, NE Siberia). Boreas. 38: 39-58
Krebs M., Kaffke A., De Klerk P., Matchutadze I., Joosten H. (2009):
A future for Ispani 2 (Kolkheti, Georgia) and adjacent lands. International Mire Conservation Group Newsletter.: 3-14
De Klerk P., Helbig H., Janke W. (2008):
Vegetation and environment in and around the Reinberg basin (Vorpommern, NE Germany) during the Weichselian late Pleniglacial, Lateglacial, and Early Holocene. Acta Palaeobotanica. 48: 301-324
De Klerk P. (2007):
Lateglacial and Holocene vegetation development around a terrestrialised bay of the Blankensee near Schönhagen (C Brandenburg, NE Germany) inferred from a pollen diagram of the late Klaus Kloss. Archiv für Naturschutz und Landschaftsforschung. 46: 27-40
De Klerk P., Joosten H. (2007):
The difference between pollen types and plant taxa: a plea for clarity and scientific freedom. Eiszeitalter und Gegenwart/Quaternary Science Journal. 56: 162-171
Joosten H., De Klerk P. (2007):
DAMOCLES: a DAshing MOnolith Cutter for fine sectioning of peats and sediments into LargE Slices. Boreas. 36: 76-81