Biomechanics of Mustelids

Mustelid carnivores show an enormous variety of locomotion modes that are reflected in anatomical features. It is the aim of the project to correlate locomotion modes and anatomical features in order to find compliances that are applicable for the reconstruction of the evolution of carnivoran loctomotor modes in general.

apl Prof. Dr. Eberhard “Dino” Frey SMNK, Prof. Dr. Norbert Rieder KIT, no funding

Selected Publications

Jungnickel SN., Frey E. (2011):
Anatomy, locomotion and constructional morphology of the polecat and the ferret (Mustela putorius putorius and M. p. furo, Mustelidae, Carnivora. European Association of Vertebrate Paleontologists, 9th annual Meeting, 14-19 June 2011.: 31-31

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