Postdoc position "Trigonopterus"

We invite applications for a postdoctoral researcher position beginning 1. January 2019.


Biogeography and Evolution in the Melanesian Archipelago

• within the DFG-funded project “An integrative approach to systematics and evolution of Trigonopterus, a hyperdiverse genus of flightless weevils from Southeast Asia and the West Pacific (Coleoptera: Curculionidae)”.

• This is a collaborative project between Alexander Riedel (SMNK, Karlsruhe) and the Balke lab at SNSB-ZSM. Our model system is a genus of Melanesian weevils for which we have a large data foundation already, which we will build on, as well as expand further.

Responsibilities include, among others:

• independent processing of sequence data
• independent work in the DNA lab (i.e. processing of samples, DNA extraction, Sanger-sequencing, sample storage)
• comparative analyses, together with other team members
• collaborative work on joint manuscripts

Employment qualifications:

• PhD in biology or in a relevant subject, e.g. evolutionary biology, entomology, ecology etc.
• excellent command of English, preferably also German
• profound knowledge of molecular systematics
• ability to collaborate within and outside our research group
• high motivation and ability to work under pressure

The following qualifications would be desirable:

• profound knowledge of Geneious software
• knowledge of Linux computer systems
• basic command of R
• basic knowledge of NGS sequencing and bioinformatics

What we are offering:

• Salary is according to paygrade TV-L E13 (100%) in the German Public Service scheme granted the presence of employment qualifications.
• opportunity to participate in a variety of research projects.
• The SMNK is among the larger natural history research museums in Germany and offers a friendly research environment.

This position is limited to a 18 month period.

The SMNK advocates gender equality. Women are therefore encouraged to apply.
Disabled people with largely equal qualifications will be especially considered.
Please send your (preferably electronic) application with the relevant documents (motivation letter, CV, two reference letters, copies of certificates, up to five relevant reprints) to

Staatliches Museum für Naturkunde, Dr. Alexander Riedel, Erbprinzenstr. 21, D-76133 Karlsruhe or (preferrably) by Email:

Application deadline: 12. November 2018.

Only applications arriving until this date will be considered.

Notice: Application documents can only be returned if desired and expressly requested. Otherwise, all documents will be destroyed with the conclusion of the selection procedure.

Unfortunately, costs arising from the application process cannot be reimbursed.