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Riedel A., Tänzler R. (2016):
Revision of the Australian species of the weevil genus Trigonopterus Fauvel. ZooKeys. 556: 97-162
Riedel A., Tänzler R., Pons J., Suhardjono Y.R. Balke M. (2016):
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Tänzler R., van Dam M.H., Toussaint E.F.A., Suhardjono Y.R., Balke M., Riedel A. (2016):
Macroevolution of hyperdiverse flightless beetles reflects the complex geological history of the Sunda Arc. Scientific Reports. 6:18793: 1-12
Toussaint E.F.A., Tänzler R., Rahmadi C., Balke M., Riedel A. (2015):
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Riedel A., Tänzler R., Balke M., Rahmadi C., Suhardjono Y.R. (2014):
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