The Botany Section

Botany comprises the study of plants. Traditionally, it also includes lichens and fungi, although the latter form an independent realm (Fungi) which is closely related to animals.

The following tasks are part of the work performed by the Botany section:

  • Collecting, identifying and describing plants and fungi; preserving the collections.

  • Research on the distribution of plants and fungi and their environmental requirements

  • Research on the vegetational history of Southwestern Germany

  • Research on the taxonomy of plant pathogen fungi in the Northern hemisphere

  • Scientifically and technically curating the collections

  • Preparing collection data and entering it in data bases for research and the general public

  • Providing consulting services to the public and other institutions on flora, vegetation, plants and fungi

The geographical focus of our work is traditionally on Southwestern Germany.

Two scientists, two technical assistants, one trainee and many volunteers work on the various tasks. Whenever possible, additional staff are employed through externally funded projects.

Dr. Hölzer explains a pollen profile
Dr. Hölzer explains a pollen profile
Herbarium voucher of the peat bog plant Parnassia palustris
Herbarium voucher of the peat bog plant <i>Parnassia palustris</i>
Parnassia palustris in the field
<i>Parnassia palustris</i> in the field