Systematics and evolution of the weevil genus Trigonopterus

Sample of edaphic weevils from lowland forest of New Guinea

Sample of edaphic weevils from lowland forest of New Guinea

13 Species of <i>Trigonopterus</i> from the Cyclops Mts.

13 Species of Trigonopterus from the Cyclops Mts.

<i>T. caudatus</i> from New Caledonia

T. caudatus from New Caledonia

<i>T. vandekampi</i> Riedel

T. vandekampi Riedel

The flightless weevil genus Trigonopterus Fauvel (Coleoptera, Curculionidae, Cryptorhynchinae) is extremely diverse in New Guinea, New Caledonia and the Pacific Islands. Currently, there exist 444 described species worldwide, but this number will markedly increase after a revision has been completed. The island of New Guinea alone harbors an estimated 1000 species based on the material at hand. Thus, Trigonopterus belongs to the list of hyperdiverse genera, such as the tiger-beetles of Cicindela, or the ants of the genus Pheidole.

East of Wallace-line various species are dominant both on foliage and in the litter layer of primary tropical forests. Towards the west, diversity not only decreases, but foliage-frequenting species disappear. In Java, Trigonopterus are restricted to the litter layer. Usually, the species are highly endemic. The Javanese fauna of Trigonopterus consists of two or three monophyletic groups that presumably arrived independently from the East. Dispersal patterns in the eastern part of the distribuational range are still unknown.

We document the diversity of Trigonopterus by an approach of accelerated taxonomy combining molecular and morphological methods (aka "turbo-taxonomy"). We work on a robust phylogeny in collaboration with the Balke Beetle Lab. Details of the morphology of Trigonopterus are investigated by µCT and 3D reconstruction (in collaboration with T. van de Kamp). The results of these studies will help to explain characteristics of its biogeography and ecology. Certain key-characters will be traced on the phylogeny and may offer explanations for the causes of its hyperdiversity.

This project is funded by grants RI 1817/3-1, RI 1817/3-3, and RI 1817/3-4 from the German Research Foundation (DFG).

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