Semantic enrichment and mobilization of data in distributed repositories for taxonomy and ecology

undescribed species of Ctenus, similar to Ctenus amphora

Ctenus dubius, type species of the genus

Ctenus dubius, epigyne of female

Ctenus dubius, male palp, ventral

Solving a Gordian knot in the taxonomy of neotropical jumping spiders and trait-based ecological habitat assessment with spider assemblages

Available digital information on spiders (Araneae) in Germany will be integrated, enriched, standardized and analysed. A taxonomic package delivers a description scheme for salticid spiders to be integrated in the virtual research environment Diversity Workbench and a workflow to interactive identification keys and taxonomic publications. Ecological data from distributed sources are compiled, enriched in a standardized way and analysed exemplary. Semantic lists and analytical tools will be designed and integrated in Diversity Workbench and moblized through a portal by the German Arachnologische Gesellschaft.

The project is funded by the German Science Foundation (DFG).

Selected Publications

Penell A., Raub F. & Höfer H. (2018):
Estimating biomass from body size of European spiders based on regression models. Journal of Arachnology. 46(3): 413-419  PDF-Download of the publication